Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Blog Home!

I've started the new blog! Keep on following!!
Peace and Love.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The End of An Era

Well. I really have been putting this off, since it is the last hoorah, the grand finale, the final post, the end of an era if you will...
Freshman year is over, and honestly I do not like that one bit! Obviously, I'm glad exams are over and I'm glad the stress of the year is over, but I feel like I just moved in!! I was just getting used to living in the attic, the hall baths, the laundry, the library, mastering the art of just how late I can sleep in to still make it to class on time. All these things have become a part of a routine I've gotten into. More than that, though, I've gotten used to being around some of the best people ever! I'm going to miss being able to walk maybe 10 steps to go see Blythe. I'm going to miss being within about 2 minutes of all my friends! It is going to be very strange being without all these people and things I've grown accustomed to over the past 9ish months!
So to stray from the sentimental side, I'll tell you how the year ended up and what to expect in the weeks and months to come...
I survived exam week oh-10. Barely, but I did. I stayed up one too many times within the last two weeks of school, and I spent a whole day in tears (I'd say because of the lack of sleep and my ever present trait of procrastination). I lost it in the middle of my chemistry exam. That was attractive and I'm sure uncomfortable to those in the room with me. Similar situation to the girl who was behind me when I feel in front of Springs? I think so. Anyway.
Biology. I honestly don't think I am a biology major anymore. I think I've realized I was more attracted to the title of "Dr." than I was to the actual schooling and commitment it takes to earn it. Of course, I'm not completely giving up on the idea, but I am actively seeking other alternatives. Religion major? Maybe. Still a biology major? More than likely, nope.
As you readers may or may not know, I enjoy a good excursion during exam week. Last semester it was a trip to see Christmas lights. This semester... a trip to Greenville to get my cartilage pierced. I took Anna with me, therefore, some of the blame can be placed on her. My reasoning is threefold:
1. I'm going to be a camp counselor this summer. This is going to greatly help my image.
2. I kind of feel like I'm going through a midlife crisis, but at a much earlier age... old men get new cars, I get a new piercing.
3. I'm a freshman in college, this will probably come out come senior year when it is time to look for a job.
So. Exam week vs. Sarah. It was a close fight at times, but I think I ended up on top.
So what's coming up in the future?
I leave for camp in 2ish weeks. I will be without much technology, so blogging will take a back burner. Just kidding! Of course I can't let these experiences go untold, so I'm starting a new blog!! How exactly I'm going to manage the blogging is still up in the air. It will happen though, don't you worry! I'll post the link to my new blog on here and on my facebook once it's up and running.
I hate to end this post, because with it kind of officially marks the end to my freshman year. It's been fun! I know I've enjoyed myself! There's more to come... more weird situations, more funny stories, three more years at PC. (I'm saying all of this more as assurance for myself, not so much for yall)
One down. Three to go.
Peace and Love.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just found this in the drafts..

So I was looking through old posts, and came across a story I never shared on the blog.
Embarrassing moment #547 of the year:
ADPi had an eat-a-thon at Steamers in Clinton one night several months ago. A portion of the proceeds went to Ronald McDonald House, ADPi's philanthropy. So. Callie Neal, yes I blame Callie, had these McDonald's Halloween costumes. One was a thing of fries and one was a milkshake, both displaying the McDonald's logo. Callie thought it would be a great idea for us to wear these to said event in order to play up our philanthropy. Why she even had these here I school, I have no idea. So, we go to Steamers. I refused to wear the costume, at this point I had been appointed milkshake, throughout dinner. So we finished eating, and Callie told me it was time for our plan to go into action. So we went out to her car, threw on these treasures, and headed for the door to make a grand entrance.
Here we are in these costumes

The place was packed! Not just with ADPis, but other people also. Looking back on the situation, I honestly don't know what reaction I was expecting when I walked through the door. Well. We walked in. People just stared. No reaction whatsoever. Just stared for a few long seconds and went back to eating. Awkward...

This describes how we both felt after the incident...
Me, embarrassed. Callie, not really phased.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!!!!

Well, April Fools snuck up on me. Luckily I was able to get in on a well-established prank. Some of you may have seen in an earlier blog post the prank involving a dollar bill on the sidewalk. Well, it was back in action today!
The set up:
A room on the first floor, compliments of Elizabeth Nickles.
A dollar with a hole in it and a string attached.
A person who is willing to keep running outside to reset the trap.
A camera.

So many people fell for it! It was great!

(You may want to scroll down and turn off the music to fully enjoy these...)

This is the BEST!!! A girl rode by on a bike. I said, "wouldn't it be hilarious if she turned around?" Well. She did. Parked her bike and hopped off to be a dollar richer. We yanked it away, bless her heart! She then heard us laughing and saw me with my camera. She told me to put the video on youtube. I assured her it would be on my blog. I spoke this through tears.
Best. One. Yet.
And she offered to put the dollar back in place. Bless her heart!

New updates:
-Housing sign up happened today. I will be living in the same dorm, just one floor down. I'm excited, however I feel that 3 flights of stairs will still tire me. Whatevs, maybe by senior year I'll be on ground level.
-I'm home for Easter break! I packed at the last minute, as I always do. What did I forget to bring home this time? Oh, just makeup.
-OH! I found out today that I will be a camp counselor at Lutheridge this summer!!! I'm just so excited!! Things to do:
1. Order Chacos. Those shoes are ugly, but I have heard I need these to fit in.
2. Buy some bandannas and some hats.
3. Stock up on nike shorts and t-shirts!
4. Buy a new pair of tennis shoes.
5. Work on cutting back my shower time from approximately 20 minutes to anywhere from 0-7 minutes.

That's all for now!! This weekend is Easter, and I'm just SO excited!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
**Remember, after Sunday you can whip out your white!!!**

Sunday, March 21, 2010

"But I REALLY can't play basketball!"

Just because you are born with the gift of height does not mean you are born with the gift of coordination or athleticism.
Example. Today I went from the library to the gym to support ADPi's intramural basketball team. So I walked in, looked at our opponent and thought to myself that we better have a good team together because those girls were fierce. So not all the ADPis showed up that were supposed to play. Who gets roped into playing? That's right friends. Me. Who doesn't have not only any basketball experience, but also no experience on any sort of organized team at all? Yep. That's me too. The reasoning behind my being on this team? Twofold. One: I was wearing appropriate clothing. Two: I'm tall. I tried to explain to my fellow ADPis how inadequately prepared I am, but no success. I threw on a ripe smelling jersey and went to it. So. To review:
1. No basketball experience.
2. No coordination.
3. No concept of the rules or purpose of the game of basketball.
The game started. I was appointed to go head to head to try to gain possession of the ball. I want to say this is called tipping off, but I'm not too sure. Being the tallest one on the court, I was given this premo task by default. I could have told you this was a bad idea, but at this point, I had stopped trying to convey the fact that I was essentially worthless to the team. I had decided to roll with it. As you can imagine, I did not gain ADPi possession of the ball. My time on the court was limited to maybe 2 minutes. I kept the bench warm for the remainder of the game.
ADPi lost. I'm wondering if I'm now permanently on the team! Dear goodness, I hope not!
People have always told me that I should play basketball or volleyball, just based off the fact that I'm tall. Well, I would invite those people to come and watch this next game that I will very possibly be playing in, and they will quickly take back those words.
Lesson today... Never go to watch an intramural game if you are wearing exercise clothes or tennis shoes. You will be forced to play and you will not be able to weasel your way out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Pretty Pin Attire this week goes to Sarah Derrick," said Anna! SO exciting!! See, Anna is ADPi's director of standards, meaning she make sure everyone keeps it together. Every Tuesday we have to dress up and look pretty for ADPi. Well, every week at chapter, Anna gives out a Pretty Pin Attire award. The name of this award is self explanatory. So I had just given up on ever getting this high honor, because I mean, its not like she's going to give it to her sister! However, I still tried to look nice every week, for the sake of Alpha Delta Pi. So this week- I must say I did love the dress I was wearing- I was just sitting in chapter, Anna got up to do her weekly thing, and she announced that I had gotten the Pretty Pin Attire award!!!! So exciting!!!!!! What a great Tuesday! Here's a recent picture taken of myself with sweet Anna:
Yeah, we were matching. Straight up twins.

Well, its time for me to get to studying Old Testament! You would think that having a pastor in the house would give me some sort of advantage in this class, but so far that has proven to be false.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Peace and Love!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March is coming in like a lamb!

... hopefully someone else did that activity in elementary school. You always had to predict how the beginning of March was going to be..
Anyway. Glad Jack Frost peaced out a week late. Here we are back at school and its so nice outside! If it weren't totally inappropriate I would be laying out between classes!
So today amongst this marvelous warm front, Blythe and I decided to take a walk around campus. Now if you're a veteran follower of my blog, you may remember the last time I took a stroll around campus. The birds took aim on me, if you will. But I am glad to report no such occurrences happened this time! I just love this weather! With it comes Jack Rogers, spring pin attire, and EASTER! Love it!
Oh, so the other night we watched Julie& Julia when I was home. As most of you probably know, its about a girl who has a heck of a blog! So much so that they ended up making a movie about it! That needs to be me. So start writing letters all you faithful blog followers! Paramount, Dreamworks, Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers. GET ON IT! Send in some samples of my work perhaps..? Thanks so much!